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1.    All members must be over the age of 18 years and residents of the State of California.

2.    All members must have proper State and/or County issued identification proving their age and residency and must provide their State identification when requested.

3.   All members must be a qualified patient under CA Prop 215, SB420 & H&S Code 11362.5, 11362.7, et seq., and a doctor has recommended, prescribed and approved the use of medical cannabis.

4.    All members agree not to redistribute, sell or attempt to sell any medical cannabis obtained from our establishment.

5.   All members agree to protect the privacy and confidentiality of themselves and all other members and of the member/collective relationship.

6.    All members agree not to consume any medical cannabis while operating an automobile or any heavy equipment.

7.   All members agree that we limit the amount of medical cannabis we will provide our members per day and per year and agree to those limitations.

8.   All members agree not to bring any cell phones, backpacks, weapons, or contraband of any kind onto the premises.

9.   All members acknowledge and agree to video surveillance while on the premises.

10.    All members agree that the staff reserves the right to refuse service to any person (INCLUDING MEMBERS) at any time; and hereby agree to this right of refusal as a condition of the collective agreement.


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